Arapaho Glacier

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    Arapaho Glacier
Arapaho Glacier, photo X12.tif
Площадь39 акров (15,78 га)[1] км²
Длина,25 миль (0,40 км) long and ,50 миль (0,80 км) wide[1] км
Позиционной карты ' не существует. Найти другую. Документация. Создать.
40,0233° с. ш. 254,3522° в. д.: [2]

Arapaho Glacier is an alpine glacier in a cirque immediately southeast of North Arapaho Peak, in Roosevelt National Forest in the U.S. state of Colorado.[3] The glacier is just east of the Continental Divide. Arapaho Glacier is the largest glacier in the state of Colorado and helps provide water for the city of Boulder, Colorado. The glacier has a negative glacier mass balance and lost over 52% of its surface area during the 20th Century.[1]

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South Arapaho Peak (left), North Arapaho Peak, Arapaho Glacier

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