Amite River

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   Река Amite River
Длина 117 миль (188 км) км
Исток: 31,3219° с. ш. 269,2722° в. д.:
Устье: 30,2981° с. ш. 269,4397° в. д.:

В карточке неверно заполнен параметр «Длина» либо параметр «Площадь»! В данных параметрах должно быть только неформатированное число. Пожалуйста, исправьте данную ошибку!

The Amite River /ˈ[1][2].[3]m[4]ɛ[5]t[6]/ (фр. Rivière Amite) is a tributary of Lake Maurepas in Mississippi and Louisiana in the United States. It is about 117 мили (188 км) long.[7] It starts as two forks in southwestern Mississippi and flows south through Louisiana, passing Greater Baton Rouge, to Lake Maurepas. The lower 37 мили (59,5 км) of the river is navigable. A portion of the river is diverted via the Petite Amite River and Amite Diversion Canal to the Blind River, which also flows to Lake Maurepas.


Amite could be an name derived from the Choctaw language meaning "young", although folk etymology holds it to be a corruption of the French amitié meaning "friendship".[8]


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