Angel Falls (Maine)

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    Angel Falls
У этого топонима есть другие значения: Angel Falls.

Angel Falls is a 90-фута (27 м) waterfall on Mountain Brook in Township D – northwest of Houghton – in the White Mountains of Franklin County, Maine. The "remarkably scenic"[1] Angel Falls is a set of plunging tiers totaling 90 фута (27 м) in height, and with surrounding cliffs of 115 фута (35 м) in height. Flowing out of a Шаблон:Convert/LoffAoffDbSmid in the cliff, it is thought by many to be the tallest waterfall in Maine, tied for height with Moxie Falls,[1] though this is not the case; as Katahdin Falls, also in Maine, is some 710 фута (220 м) taller.[2] Angel Falls is so named as, when the water flow is right, the falls appear as an angel.[3]

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